Female Supremacy Can’t Wait! (Equality Can’t Wait Debunked)


Under the leadership of Melinda Gates, the organization Equality Can’t Wait has asserted that it will be 208 years before women achieve true equality in the United States. Vox Creative has created a series of videos arguing as such. In this video, I debunk the ridiculous assertions made in their video, “Why is gender equality 208 years away in the U.S.?”

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One thought on “Female Supremacy Can’t Wait! (Equality Can’t Wait Debunked)

  1. It makes sense that women want more women or at least half of the make up of government to be women. They make rules and regulations that women must follow. Why should only men be making rules and regulations that govern women?
    My main concern is health care policies since I work in the medical field. I’d love to say that having more women would completely solve the “reproductive health” issues with the government sticking their nasty lil noses into health care, but unfortunately it would not. The half-brained co-ed politicians in Ohio who pulled that “Ectopic Pregnancy Reimplantation” bill out of their butts had a woman and man sponsor it. Unless a penis or vagina give extra leading capabilities, sex has little to do with capabilities to govern.


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