Dear Women, Men Don’t Owe You a Thing

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Women forget that men don’t owe them respect anymore than they owe men sex.

A quick survey of the internet will reveal that women everywhere are fed up with male dating entitlement.  This isn’t unique to any one age group, social group, or physical location.  From New York to Los Angeles and beyond, women are sharing their horror stories about men.

The up and coming professional woman relays how her co-worker thought that picking up the bar tab would entitle him to spicy action in bed later that night.  Outrageous.  The young college freshman whines about how that geeky guy from third period actually had the audacity to think that helping her with her homework meant he was entitled to dating her.  Disgusting.  The specifics of each situation vary, but the message is the same.

Men are not owed anything by women.

You can’t force someone to be attracted to you.

No matter how many nice things you do for her, she owes you nothing in return.

They’re Right, Women Don’t Owe Men

I’m happy to say that I 100% agree with the girls on this.  Women are individuals with their own wants and needs.  You are owed nothing simply because you want it, and there are indeed men who act like they’re being cheated when the females in their lives don’t respond favorably to their advances.

To all the men who may be reading this.  No matter who you are.  No matter who she is.  She does not owe you sex, a date, or anything else, regardless of what you might have done for her.

However, there’s something else that’s equally true, and it’s something that far fewer mainstream writers and creators are discussing, and that’s this.

Men don’t owe women anything either.

Why is No One Talking about This?

The funny thing about all the bloggers and publications pushing this message condemning male dating entitlement, is that they’re also the same ones asking, where have all the good men gone?  Why do successful women have such trouble finding dateable men?  Why can I never seem to get a man to commit to me?

Asking the questions themselves may be worthwhile, but the very same women who condemn male dating entitlement are also concluding that it’s men who are responsible for the lack of relationship satisfaction so pertinent among females.

Take a look at the average dating profile of a woman these days and it quickly becomes clear that there a few things that just about every woman would like to see in the men they date.  “Prefer men who are six feet tall or taller.”  “Prefer six figure income or higher.”  “Prefer muscular build to someone who’s skinny.”  The list could go on.

None of this is wrong of course, women are free to pursue whatever type of man they wish for whatever reason they wish.  However, it should go without saying that if women choose only to pursue a small minority of men that meet their listed preferences, they have a much lower chance of securing commitment from such a man, and this isn’t the fault of those men.

And Yet Women Complain

Have you ever heard a woman complain about how men are eternal man-children who only want casual relationships and refuse to commit?

Newsflash ladies, men don’t owe you commitment.

How about men refuse to show women respect or treat them well? 

Sorry, but men don’t owe you respect either.

The thing is, while it’s true that women don’t owe men anything, the sword cuts both ways.  If a woman wants to complain about male dating entitlement, then she has no grounds on which to complain when the men she wants to date aren’t interested in her.

When it comes to relationships, what every person, man or woman, needs to realize is that you are the one deciding what relationships you’re going to pursue, and the other party is not obligated to give you what you’re looking for.  If your terms for a relationship aren’t mutually beneficial for your desired partner, you shouldn’t be surprised when they aren’t interested.

Want to be in a relationship, but can’t seem to find one to your liking?  I guarantee that if you lower your standards enough, you’ll be in a relationship in no time.

“But I don’t just want any man.  I want a good man, who commits to me and respects me!”

Good for you sweetheart, and I want a harem of beautiful women who don’t mind sharing me.  Doesn’t mean I’m entitled to it.

Lower your standards enough, and you will be able to secure a relationship, but always remember, men don’t owe you anything, anymore than you owe sex to a man you’re not attracted to. 

And that is my 2 cents.  Take it for what it’s worth.

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One thought on “Dear Women, Men Don’t Owe You a Thing

  1. I believe in fair and square. You say men do not owe women respect. Any woman in her right mind will not be with a man who disrespects her.

    I also would not expect a man to want a woman who disrespects him. It is true that women have personal preferences, and there’s nothing wrong with preferences, but the problem with some women is that they allow personal preferences to override moral standards.

    At this point, the superficial traits take priority over more important traits and women end up falling for losers a lot because of this.


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