Alyssa Milano’s Feminist Fail

Shortly after the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, actress and activist Alyssa Milano went on MSNBC to rant about how sexual abuse has been institutionalized in the United States. Citing bogus statistics and demonstrating incredible hypocrisy in her support for real sex abusers like Bill Clinton, Alyssa Milano might just have made the worst #FeministFail yet.

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“I Believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is Lying, Here’s Why”

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My 2 Cents Interviews A Lady of Reason


A Lady of Reason Writes as a Secular Woman with Conservative Values

While reading through other blog posts, I recently discovered the blog of a woman who goes by the name A Lady of Reason. Taking a look at the about section of her blog, it says the following:

A Lady of Reason is a blog for women who are in the secular community as atheists, agnostics and non-religious but have socially conservative values. This might seem like a contradiction to some, as many who do hold more conservative views tend to do so from a religious standpoint. However, here at A Lady of Reason, we believe that beliefs in conservative values do not need religion to be justified.

I’ve since been following her blog and am very impressed with her content. I’ve been discouraged by the horrible advice that is being given to so many young women on a regular basis, especially by so called “women’s ministries” that profess to be giving advice from a conservative, Christian perspective (i.e. Allyson Rowe, Katie Emmerson, Girl Defined, etc.). While there are in fact some Christian/religious ministries that are giving good advice to young women, A Lady of Reason avoids much of the pseudo-spiritual sounding, emotional nonsense that typically accompanies Christian women’s ministries.

I invited A Lady of Reason to have a discussion about some of her views and the result was the below interview. I encourage all my viewers/readers to check out her blog.


My 2 Cents: Can you quickly introduce yourself to my subscribers? Briefly explain who you are and how you got into blogging.

A Lady of Reason: I go under the Pseudonym “A Lady of Reason” because due to the current Leftist vitriol, I must remain anonymous. I’ve been blogging on A Lady of Reason since Last December, so almost approaching a year now! I chose the name “A Lady of Reason” because I wanted to start a blog for women on conservative issues, especially women’s issues such as radical feminism and hook up culture. I thought the term “Lady” evokes a sense of the lost elegance and grace, as I often say, that women no longer seem to posses; that is, the manners and refined decorum of ladies in past eras. In this day and age of the “Nasty Woman”, I sought to create a place to advocate for women who don’t subscribe to radical feminism and want to be more like the ladies of past eras, who defined themselves as traditionally feminine. I chose “Reason” to describe them, as in my blog, I also wanted to touch upon deep and nuanced issues. I have a very intellectual personality, and feel that women can also embrace being deeply intellectual and can tackle big issues, all while being a traditional feminine woman in dress, values and behavior.

A reason why I started blogging about political and cultural issues geared toward fellow women was I already tried to start a more general blog on conservative issues, and have A Lady of Reason as a sister side blog, but I ultimately preferred to focus on this blog as my main blog. I thought there was a gap that I could fill, as many conservative blogs are for and written by people of faith, but I wanted to reach out to conservatives in the secular community and talk about conservative issues facing women in a non-religious way. Since launching my blog, many people of faith have followed and liked it, so now I can say my blog is geared towards all conservative women secular and religious. Also, since I’ve branched out to general conservative issues too, not just women’s, I welcome men as well as a demographic for my blog. I am amazed by how many views, likes, comments and wonderful networking I’ve made by like minded people who too, are fed up with the radical liberal climate of America.

My 2 Cents: Your blog states that you are blogging for secular women with conservative values. What led you to adopt the values that you currently hold?

A Lady of Reason: I never had much of a political identity until after Trump got elected. From a very young age, my parents and I talked about liberal bias in schools and in the media and society, and for that, I am ever so grateful and I’d probably be a snowflake now if they hadn’t been proactive in countering the brainwashing! However, politics never interested me that much. Even during the Obama years. I think what truly led to my own true political awakening, was watching the Left melt down over Trump during the campaign, and after he got in office, I saw how he is changing the nation for the better, and how the Left has gone into unprecedented meltdowns, vitriol and histrionics. Since this new atmosphere of hysteria has begun, I honestly was amused by their antics, and thus, follow them more closely. I’ve also been frustrated and angered at their vitriol and my eyes have opened more fully to how they are undermining the country with their so called “tolerance”!

For my social values, as I am predominantly a social conservative, I think I’ve just chose to adopt them. I’ve valued modesty since my teen years, and embraced traditionally feminine clothing from a young age. I’ve talked about with my dad especially, and studied on my own all the detriments of hook up culture and “any family is a real family” divorce culture. From personal experience, it shocked me how brainwashed many of my fellow classmates were in these issues, coming from broken homes and had hook ups, and how they reacted as if any opposing view point was anathema to them! As a secular person, see, I do not have a deity to fall back on, or holy text to tell me what to think in terms of values. No god is telling me my skirt must be X long, or I have to wait until marriage to have sex. However, I chose such values based on what I feel are objective, observable benefits to modesty, such as good, solid guys respecting and wanting women who dress modestly and don’t “advertise” themselves, or all the detriments of promiscuity, such as STD’s, unwanted assault, unwanted pregnancies etc… Better to wait until choosing a life partner for my two examples. In essence, I choose my values, which happen to be conservative based on their effectiveness in running a smooth society and wholesome lifestyle. Many of my conservative values agree with many people of faith, I just justify them in a different way. It’s funny to see my Leftist haters get confused, as they stereotype all conservatives as fundamentalist zealots with arbitrary morals! Like, a secular conservative literally does not compute in their brainwashed programming systems…

My 2 Cents: Do you think there are any legitimate aspects to feminism, or has the whole enterprise become a social justice nightmare?

A Lady of Reason:  I think feminism, what it should be at least, is about gender EQUALITY, in the sense that both genders are equal in their dignity as human beings. The fallacy the feminists today fall into, is that women must be able to do everything a man can do to be “equal”. Which in reality, is actually an extremely sexist view! Modern feminism strongly implies women must be like men in order to be worth something. She must have a career, and wear pants, and act like a man such as being assertive in her nature in order to be “empowered”. The traditional feminine roles of gentleness, nurturing, care giving etc… are devalued, along with being a wife and mother and caring for family in the private sphere of life. A dress is oppressive and inconvenient, children are holding you back from being a “career woman”, a woman who is a homemaker is a domestic slave are messages of the radical feminist movement. A woman is empowered by having a more masculine sexuality, she must be able to sleep with as many guys as she pleases, and dress as provocatively as she wants, in order to be “empowered”. Gone are the days of women waiting for sex to be a milestone, instead of a handshake, or acting lady like in manner and values. The male is the ultimate standard women are now held to. Whatever he can do, she must do in order to be valued as an autonomous, empowered person. I’d say feminism has become the SJW nightmare! It also condescends women, as I’ll note further in your next question by making them into helpless victims in the event their new “empowered” stance requires personal responsibility for their unbridled actions.

My 2 Cents: It’s been my experience that too many women today believe they can make whatever decisions they want and not have to worry about consequences. Would you agree or disagree, and why do you think that is?

A Lady of Reason: I absolutely agree!!! MeToo is the perfect example! Women now want more sexual freedom, for example, but are unwilling to pay the price if it doesn’t go their way. Now, if they regret a hook up, they can blame it on the man, and say he raped her even if it was consensual, and everyone will believe her. The feminists can play up their feminine vulnerability stereotype when they want to and it suites them, while decrying it when it doesn’t. They can just cry “MeToo” and play victim for their fake allegations, as I’ve noted in detail on my blog in several articles. Also, women get away with casting themselves as victims of assaults when they did nothing to lessen their risk of victimization and everything to heighten it, such as sleazy clothes and unsafe behavior sending off signals you want sexual attention. Men aren’t mind readers, ladies! Don’t send off signals you want sexual attention if you don’t! Another example is divorce culture and broken families. The empowered woman now feels free to just divorce someone, without even thinking about her children’s well being! No! It’s all about her, and always the guy’s fault too! The radical feminist puts her own happiness in reliving being a young teen dating again after, without any thought to how she tore the very foundation of a stable childhood from her children, then treat them like the 3rd wheel from her trashed marriage. She then absolves herself of guilt by making her children feel guilty for wishing they had an intact family and their REAL father, not live in boyfriend #56… Feminism, on a related note, also excuses sub par parenting in this vein too. Mommy puts herself first now, not her kids, and avoids guilt over parenting mistakes at all costs, or else she’s oppressed in actually holding herself to high standards! Then again, motherhood is devalued as enslaving in the eyes of radical feminists! Personal responsibility has no place in their “don’t judge me” attitude, they can just play the poor oppressed woman card to get out of every mistake they make, in family matters, careers, parenting, sex, you name it! Casting women as little children, and helpless victims, while the antithesis of TRUE female empowerment, is done all the time to get out of the sticky situations they put themselves in by their own behavioral anarchy such as hook up culture for instance. As a side note, they demonize men, as someone has to be the perpetrator for them to be the victim! It’s the man’s fault I’m divorced, he coerced me, he assaulted me, he’s oppressing me by wanting a feminine woman etc.. etc… Saddest thing is: we as a society are buying into this con-job! So yes, they ARE getting away with it!

My 2 Cents: If you had to quickly summarize the best piece of advice you could give to young women and young men in the age of feminism what would it be?

A Lady of Reason: Don’t buy into the feminist lies!!! You are empowered, capable and strong women in your traditional feminine role! Don’t let anyone tell you you need to act like, dress like, and be a man in all but name in order to be worth something in life. You are just as needed in this world as a wife and a mother as in any job that could replace you. You also, are fully capable of being responsible for your actions. You are not a helpless victim, at the mercy of the “patriarchy”. You CAN say “NO!”. You can stand up for yourself. You are empowered to make choices such as preventative measures to lessen your chance of victimization, such as dressing modestly, not going down secluded spots, etc… Is this fair that women have to take extra precautions in life? NO! Is it fair we can’t just dress as sleazy as we like and still be safe? NO! But that’s reality. We must live with it and acknowledge it. Women can be ladies of elegance and grace in this culture of vulgarity, hook ups, and hysteria! The modern woman is not the “Nasty Woman”, she is one who is empowered to make her own choices, and empowered to take responsibility for the outcome of her choices. She is autonomous, and used her freedom wisely and responsibly. She is not under the thumb of a man, but freely chooses to love, cherish, value and serve the men in her life freely and out of love, not obligation. A true empowered woman, ladies, is one who takes pride in her womanhood, not in trying to be a copy of what a man is. Another important point: Speak up for fellow women who are pressured by the radical feminist agenda and show them it’s okay to be a feminine woman. Also, speak up for the men as in this culture of identity politics, a woman’s voice is far more powerful than a man’s on the subject of the flaws of feminism. Lastly, my strongest piece of advice is to THINK FOR YOURSELF! Don’t let the Left brainwash you into their sexist lies of what empowerment looks like…

And to young men: Stay strong!!!! I can’t emphasize this enough! You will be attacked, derided, even threatened for speaking the truth about how feminism hurts women, and of course, men! You will be called every vile thing, be accused of oppressing women, even being labeled a rape apologist! However, still speak out! Your opinions are not invalidated just because of your biological sex. A valid opinion is valid no matter who says it. It is not a “sin” to want a virtuous wife, who values elegance and grace, and is devoted to you, as you ought to be to her. You are not the servant in a relationship any more than the lady you date or marry is. You get to make choices, set boundaries, speak your mind as much as she does. I also advise you to embrace your manhood. It’s NOT toxic to be a man, despite the radical feminist propaganda! You should be the rock she leans on, to whom she looks to for protection, the guide for your future daughters in what to expect from men and how to treat men. You should cherish, honor, love and protect the women in your lives, and honor their feminine role as of equal worth, and they, equal in their dignity as human beings to you. Don’t be the “soyboy” we often hear about and the Left embraces. However, also realize women are human too, not just virtuous angles…. Women can, have and do lie about what happened “that night”. The advice to wait for sex in marriage is not just for the ladies mind you! You may not get pregnant, but you may get some one pregnant then be forced to pay child support, or be accused of a false assault! BE CAREFUL. Don’t ever doubt that it could happen to you! Make sure every liability is covered. Your life will be completely destroyed if you’re accused, even if proven innocent! Choose your women wisely… No matter how much the Left vilifies the traditional man though through radical feminism, keep staying strong, and stand up for your manhood as well!!!

Lastly to both: THINK FOR YOURSELVES!!!!

My 2 Cents: Excellent words of advice and thank you for agreeing to chat.


Again, I encourage everyone to check out A Lady of Reason. As I’ve noted in all discussions I’ve been involved in, the fact that I endorse her blog does not necessarily mean I always agree with everything she says, but I can say with confidence that she is giving good advice that will lead to successful living if followed, especially for young women.

I’d like to thank her again for having this discussion, and that is My 2 Cents. So take it for what it’s worth.


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I Believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is Lying, Here’s Why



Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Hello everyone, this is My 2 Cents.

Like many people, I spent a significant amount of my time yesterday watching the hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee involving Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. While I was unable to watch the entire event from beginning to end, I tuned in at every opportunity I had and looked up all the highlights I could find after coming home from work.

There’s no doubt that many people were emotionally moved by the testimonies of both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. Even today, many journalists and commentators are discussing how difficult it would be to look either Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh in the eye and tell them they aren’t credible. None the less, I’m writing this article to communicate one thing.

I firmly believe that Dr. Ford is lying.

Allow me to make three things clear. First, I am not in a position to know with any degree of certainty whether or not her claims are true. Unlike mainstream media outlets who frequently broadcast their opinions as fact, I will clearly and unequivocally state that what I present here is solely my opinion and nothing more.

Second, I acknowledge that it is entirely possible that Dr. Ford did in fact endure a sexual assault at some point in her lifetime. While I would not begin to be able to speculate as to who assaulted her or when it occurred, it is certainly a possibility. Further, the purpose of me writing this article is not to call into question whether or not Dr. Ford was ever a victim of sexual assault.

Finally, I believe that Dr. Ford and her family have been victimized by Senator Dianne Feinstein and the Democratic party at large. Dr. Ford testified that it had always been her desire to keep her identity anonymous throughout this process, yet her personal information and her letter to Senator Feinstein were mysteriously leaked to the press at the moment that was most convenient for delaying Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. I have immense respect for how Senator Lindsey Graham called out Senator Feinstein and the Democratic Party in the way he did yesterday.

Still, I believe Dr. Ford is lying. Why is this the case?

Let me first point out something that I believe should be blatantly obvious, but that no one seems to be talking about. The physical appearance, emotional response, and apparent sincerity of a person does not in itself say anything about whether or not the claims they are making are true! A certain claim could be true even if the person making it appears very stoic and unemotional, and a different claim could be false even if the person making it has tears streaming down his face.

I haven’t lived nearly as long as most of the Senators sitting on the Judiciary Committee, but I’ve lived long enough to have met some very skilled liars. If you’ve spent most of your life around honest people, this may be difficult to believe, but the fact of the matter is that there are many people who are capable of looking very convincing when they lie. Some can conjure tears at will, and the most skilled liars are able to play on the emotions of those who are listening, carefully feeding them what they want to hear at the moment it is most opportune to do so. This being said, the fact that both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh appeared sincere while giving their testimonies should not even be considered when judging whether or not the accounts are truthful. We have to ask the question, what is the best explanation of this alleged event given all the evidence we have?

Anyone who saw through Dr. Ford’s emotional state and listened solely to what she said during the hearing will realize immediately that there are significant problems with her story. In fact, seeing as she didn’t reveal any new information that hadn’t already been relayed to the public (aside from some deeper insight into her past and present emotional state), everyone going into these hearings should have already known there were significant problems with her story.

Dr. Ford does not recall the date this alleged event occurred, even being unsure how old she was and what year the event occurred. Dr. Ford admits that the she does not know how she traveled to the alleged event, or how she got home afterwards. Dr. Ford’s story about how many people were present at the event appears to have changed several times since it became public. While I wouldn’t expect her to be able to remember definitively how many people were at a large social gathering, the changing narrative is relevant in light of the fact that every one of her named witnesses has denied under penalty of perjury that they have any knowledge of the event in question, and that Dr. Ford admitted during the hearing that no one has contacted her claiming to have been at the same event she describes.

In fact, it seems that there is only one detail that Dr. Ford does remember definitively, and that is that Brett Kavanaugh, with the help of Mark Judge, assaulted her in a bedroom of an unidentified house at an unknown time. Every time someone asks a question that could help verify the truth of her story, Dr. Ford simply doesn’t remember. Could she be telling the truth about this? Sure, but it does seem rather convenient that the trauma caused her to forget all the details that would have been the most helpful in verifying her claims.

Next, we have the testimony of Leland Keyser (Leland Ingham at the time this event supposedly occurred). Dr. Ford has described Keyser as a “lifelong friend,” and therefore most people would assume that if there was anyone who would gladly come to Dr. Ford’s aide in all this, it would be Keyser. However, according to Keyser’s attorney, she has stated under penalty of perjury that she “does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

When asked during the hearing about Keyser’s testimony, Dr. Ford simply claimed that Keyser has “health issues,” in effect claiming that the one person who should definitely be able to verify the truth of this story is fundamentally unreliable. Again, is this possible? Sure, but it’s terribly convenient for Dr. Ford. This is another coincidence that we’re supposed to just accept. However, the fact that Keyser’s testimony can’t confirm Dr. Ford’s story raises another line of questioning, one that I am very disappointed wasn’t addressed during the hearing.

While being questioned by Senator Feinstein, Dr. Ford claimed that this event was incredibly detrimental to her psychological well being. Dr. Ford claimed that her academics suffered, and that she had difficulty forming friendships for at least four years following the event until she began to move on.

If the allegations are true, this change in behavior on Dr. Ford’s part makes complete sense, but I want you to consider something. Assuming Dr. Ford was an average 15-year-old girl prior to this event, and suddenly became a traumatized victim of sexual assault with manifested difficulties for at least four years thereafter, where were her parents, siblings, teachers and friends in all this?

The Washington Post has already reported that Ford’s immediate family (her parents and brothers) have been incredibly silent throughout this process. Distinct from her husband’s relatives who have submitted numerous letters and statements testifying to Dr. Ford’s character, her blood relatives have said hardly anything. Shouldn’t Dr. Ford’s father have come forth with a statement speaking to how he finally understands why his daughter’s behavior took such a drastic turn for the worse during her teenage years? Shouldn’t Dr. Ford’s mother be able to speak about the many times she begged her daughter to tell her what was wrong? Shouldn’t Leland Keyser be able to testify that she remembers how distant and different her close friend became around the time they were 15 years old? If Dr. Ford does not have witnesses who can confirm this clear shift in her behavior, she either had the crappiest parents, teachers and friends who have ever lived or she is being untruthful. I don’t see another alternative.

While this isn’t nearly as relevant as some of the other points I’ve raised, I also want to mention that Dr. Ford was more or less exposed with regards to the assertion that she is afraid of flying. We were told early on that her hesitancy to come to D.C. and testify was at least in part because she was petrified of flying. However, she admitted under oath that not only did she fly to D.C. for this hearing, she flies frequently for her work, to visit family, and to go on solely recreational trips. Whatever fear of flying she has, it can’t be that bad. This is dishonesty plain and simple. Perhaps it was dishonesty solely on the part of her lawyers, but it was dishonesty none the less, and Dr. Ford should not be surprised that this now becomes a point of consideration when looking at her testimony as a whole.

Now to my final point. Let’s look at the plausibility of the event Dr. Ford describes as a whole.

Anyone who studies history knows that when considering the accuracy of a given account of some event, there is a difference between establishing whether the account is possible and whether the account is plausible. To say something is possible is merely to say that there is nothing logically incoherent about what is being asserted, but to say something is plausible is to say that something is truly reasonable in light of all known facts and circumstances.

For example, it may be possible that the real explanation for the disparity between Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh’s testimonies is that Judge Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge both have identical twins that they are unaware of. Kavanaugh and Judge’s parents abandoned these twins and then forgot about their existence as a result of some severe trauma. Perhaps, back in 1982, in an effort to destroy the reputations of their counterparts, these twins traveled to the D.C. area, put on a social gathering, and attempted to assault Dr. Ford in hopes that it would one day destroy the reputations of Judge Kavanaugh and Mr. Judge. Today, they laugh diabolically from wherever it is they are hiding.

Is there anything logically incoherent about this explanation? Is there any way to definitively prove that this did not happen? Of course not. In fact, if true, this explanation might explain all the evidence and testimony we have. However, while this explanation is logically possible, it doesn’t change the fact that there is no good reason to think that is what really happened. Therefore, while the account may be possible, it is not plausible.

Dr. Ford’s testimony may not be nearly as ridiculous as the fictitious scenario I’ve just described, but I want you to ask yourself whether it’s plausible given everything you know about the circumstances. Play through the supposed event one fact at a time apart from any emotional overlay.

-At an unspecified time in the summer of 1982, Dr. Ford (who I’m assuming went by Christine in those days) traveled to a small social gathering attended by Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, Patrick “PJ” Smith, one other unknown male, and her close friend Leland Ingham.

-I guess someone drove her there, but we don’t know who.

-There might have been some other people at this gathering, but it was a small gathering, not a party.

-This small group of people was congregated in the living room.

-There was no music playing in the living room, but there was music playing in the vacant bedroom upstairs.

-During the course of the evening, Christine walked up the staircase.

-Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge pushed Christine into the upstairs bedroom, and turned up the music so loud that no one could hear her scream.

-No one in the living room questioned why music had been playing in an unoccupied bedroom.

-No one questioned why the music had suddenly been turned up so loud.

-No one wondered why Brett, Mark, and Christine had all gone upstairs (this was after all, a small gathering).

-When Brett and Mark came down the stairs without her, no one (including close friend Leland) inquired as to where she was or what had happened.

-No one asked any questions when Christine came running out of the house.

-Leland didn’t care to ask her close friend Christine why she’d so abruptly left the gathering.

-Christine didn’t care to warn her close friend Leland about what could potentially happen to her if she remained at the gathering.

-Someone took Christine home. We don’t know who.

-Whoever this person was, he/she was apparently the most blind, insensitive person to have ever lived. Taking Christine home, he/she didn’t care to ask why Christine appeared so distraught or why she chose to leave early.

-When she arrived at home, Christine’s family was unable to notice how traumatized she was and therefore made no effort to ask her what happened or seek help. In fact, 36 years later they’ve stayed relatively silent.

-Close friend Leland Ingham never noticed any changes in her friend Christine’s behavior over the next four years. Even now, under penalty of perjury, she has stated that she has no knowledge of any event like the one Dr. Ford has described nor any additional evidence that might help establish her case.

-Thirty-six years later, no one else, named by Dr. Ford or otherwise, has any memory of this small gathering in which these rather distinct and unusual events occurred.

-All four witnesses who were supposedly at this event, to include the close friend Leland, explicitly deny any knowledge that this event ever occurred under penalty of perjury.

Now you be the judge.

It may be possible that an incident occurred exactly as described above, but is it plausible?

I don’t think so.

Quite simply, I think Dr. Ford is lying. The most charitable interpretation of the facts that I could possibly give her is that she is relaying a memory that has been severely corrupted and influenced by the suggestions of others. However, if you have a more plausible explanation, I’d love to hear it.

And that is my 2 cents. Take it for what it’s worth.

Ford/Kavanaugh Hearing Transcript:

Kavanaugh hearing: Transcript. (2018, September 27). Retrieved September 28, 2018, from