What Exactly is Hate Speech Anyways?

patreon sargon

Popular YouTuber Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) has been banned from Patreon.

By now, I’m assuming everyone has heard that Patreon has banned several prominent YouTubers, including Sargon of Akkad.  The reason?  Well, as author Raymond Wong, writing for Mashable, puts it, Sargon is “a scumbag human” (Wong, 2018, para. 2).  Interesting that Wong used this terminology for Sargon since he opened his article saying that the ban was against “alt-right and far right content creators” (para. 1).  Being as charitable as possible to those that want to characterize Sargon as far right, one could call Sargon a centrist.

At the end of the day, Patreon is a private corporation, and they are free to operate their service as they see fit.  However, it’s clear that this censorship is nothing more than Patreon taking a stand against particular individuals that they don’t like.  The only explanation Patreon gave for Sargon’s ban is that he violated their guidelines against “hate speech” (Gilbert, 2018, para. 11).

I’ll never cease to be baffled by people who try to argue for the censorship of commentators based on so-called hate speech.  No one ever seems to have a clear definition of what constitutes hate speech.  Some people say that it is speech that calls for violence against others.  However, under this definition, simply claiming that there are only two genders isn’t hate speech.  Right?

Well, it’s not calling for violence necessarily.  It’s speech that may incite violence against others even if violence is never explicitly called for.  But that would mean that Maxine Waters calling for Democrats to harass any and all conservatives that they meet is hate speech.  Right?

At the end of the day, hate speech always means nothing more than speech that disagrees with mainstream progressive speech, no matter how respectfully and peacefully stated.  People on the political left only believe in one fundamental right, and that is the right to agree with them.  Dissension cannot be allowed and must be silenced, even if it means interfering with the right of Sargon’s fans to voluntarily exchange their money for his videos and other content.

Isn’t it rather hateful for people like Raymond Wong to call Sargon a scumbag human?  It certainly can’t be any less hateful than using slurs that are deemed racial or homophobic by the left.  However, Mr. Wong thinks his statements about Sargon are perfectly acceptable.  He finishes his article by praising Patreon for their actions, saying that it is an important step in stopping people like Sargon from advancing their “phony bullshit” (Wong, 2018, para. 12).

Well Mr. Wong, I happen to think that your position is phony bullshit.  However, I will never advocate that you be forcibly silenced or that you be cut off from your primary source of income just for expressing opinions which I disagree with.  Rather, I think it is far simpler to explain why your ideas are so idiotic.  I find it telling that people on your side prefer censorship.

Using an ambiguous term like hate speech to justify censorship is yet another example of just how little confidence leftists have in the strength of their ideas.  Like all statists, they refuse to explain why they have the right to censor content that disagrees with them, but their opponents do not have the right to do the same.  This is not about hate, violence, or anything else.  It is about progressives using a mob mentality to consolidate their government power over every sector of life.

For those of you who may think that Patreon’s actions are evidence that state intervention is needed on the internet, think again.  That’s exactly what the progressives want you to conclude.  I’ve already written about that here, but what’s important to note is that a competitor to Patreon has since risen up in SubscribeStar.  I’ve created an account there and would appreciate your support if you’re able.

I’ll never advocate that private companies be prevented from banning users for stupid reasons.  However, I will continue to point out that their reasons are inconsistent and stupid.  The beauty of the free market is that competition will always ensure that a new platform rises up to accommodate demand.  It’s why the left wants to do away with the free market in favor of government.

And that is my 2 cents.  Take it for what it’s worth.



Gilbert, D. (2018, December 07). Crowdfunding site Patreon is purging far-right figures. Retrieved December 10, 2018, from https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/qvqeev/crowdfunding-site-patreon-is-purging-far-right-figures

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Armed Citizen Prevents Mass Shooting in Alabama

armed citizen

Armed Citizens Can and Do Stop Mass Shootings

In the wake of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh this past weekend, progressives have predictably responded with calls for increased firearms regulation.  In the words of Paul Joseph Watson, “Imagine my shock!”

In an opinion piece for the Huffington Post (again, “Imagine my shock!”), author Philp Eil writes,

“Our gun obsession and refusal to significantly regulate firearms have led ― predictably, you might say ― to a string of mass shootings in almost every conceivable public place: nightclubs, elementary schools, high schools, community colleges, state universities, military bases, supermarkets, airports, nursing homes, Planned Parenthood clinics, cafes, IHOPs, Waffle Houses, coffee shops, malls and hotels. According to Mother Jones, There have been more than 100 of these events (indiscriminate rampages in public places resulting in four or more victims) since 1982, and Saturday’s attack wasn’t the first mass shooting at a religious site in recent memory. Think of the 2012 attack at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, or Charleston in 2015, or Sutherland Springs, Texas, where, less than a year ago, 26 people lost their lives in a Baptist Church” (Eil, 2018, para. 6).

However, there’s another event that occurred this weekend that isn’t receiving nearly as much attention.  This past Saturday, an armed citizen at a McDonald’s in Alabama confronted a would-be mass shooter.  The only casualty in this event was the would-be mass shooter himself.

Fox News reports,

“A brave dad armed with a pistol stopped what could have been a mass shooting Saturday inside an Alabama McDonald’s when he took down a masked gunman who had stormed in and opened fire.

The unidentified father was leaving the establishment with his sons when a masked man walked into the Birmingham fast-food restaurant and started shooting, WBRC-TV reported. The father returned fire and, during the ensuing shootout, the gunman, the father and one of the man’s teenage sons were struck, according to the station.

The gunman, who was not identified, later died of his injuries. The other two injuries were not considered life-threatening” (DeMarche & Gaydos, 2018, para. 1-3).

There is no doubt that had this would-be mass shooter been successful, the story would have been run right alongside the Pittsburgh story, leading to even greater calls for gun control amidst the discussion of Anti-Semitism and internet free speech.  However, the facts of this story don’t fit the Left’s narrative, and they have predictably chosen to ignore it.

Progressives are all to eager to ignore the fact that people can and do use firearms for self-defense quite often.  According to a study conducted by the organization Just Facts, firearms are used more than 1 million times per year in legitimate self-defense situations in the United States.  This does not include when guns are used by policemen, soldiers, or private security guards (Agressi, Smith & Guerra, 2018).  By comparison, the CDC reports that there were only 36,252 firearms deaths in the U.S. in 2015, and this figure includes suicides, which even the pro-gun control Brady Campaign admits make up the majority of firearms related deaths (“Key Gun Violence Statistics”, 2016).

As the saying goes, “When only seconds make the difference between life and death, the police are only minutes away.”  Imagine what could have happened at this McDonalds had an armed citizen not been present and willing to respond?  Even assuming police had arrived one minute later (and this is an incredibly generous response time) the gunman could have easily killed as many or more people than lost their lives in Pittsburgh.

I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll continue to say it.  Guns save lives.  Period.

The Left merely exploits these tragedies in order to push their larger agenda of consolidating state control over the people.  Once government is the only entity holding guns, the citizens will be unable to protect themselves, and nothing the state plans to do will be impossible.  It’s no coincidence that all the greatest tyrants of history loved gun control.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to purchase a firearm and learn how to use it for self-defense, there’s no time like the present.  If nothing else, the difference in outcomes between Pittsburgh and Alabama this weekend should be evidence enough.

And that is My 2 Cents.  Take it for what it’s worth.


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CNN’s Blatant Hypocrisy

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