Should Christian men consider single mothers for marriage?

I encourage everyone to check out this amazing article from blogger Wintery Knight. However, beyond simply the article itself, be sure to check out the long thread that has ensued in the comments section. This comment thread demonstrates perfectly what one of Wintery’s main points was all along. When women are called out for their bad behavior, the impulse of nearly everyone in our post-feminist culture is to engage in mental gymnastics to make the bad decisions of women somehow the fault of men.


Why Christians object to warning men about high-risk relationships? Why do Christians object to warning men about high-risk relationships?

A while back, I explained my three concerns about attending church. One of them was that male pastors and church leaders have adopted the priorities of radical feminism, and have turned against men who want a traditional marriage in which the man leads and the wife supports. Well, I found something that really illustrates what I mean by that, so that everyone will understand it.

Above, you can see a tweet by Michael Foster, a pastor who hosts a podcast called “It’s Good to be a Man”. His web site states that his goal is: “Extending God’s house & father-rule by helping men to establish their own houses in strength, workmanship & wisdom.”

He explains in subsequent tweets that he is just urging men to ask questions to find out how the woman became a single mother.


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Why Aren’t You Following My 2 Cents on Alternative Platforms?

The social media purge of this past week proves more than ever the importance of building a presence on alternative platforms.

As many of you are already aware, a great purge of many independent content creators has begun, including Dave Cullen of Computing Forever having his channel completely removed from YouTube. While my YouTube channel may be able to fly under the radar for a little while longer, given it is much smaller than the creators who are currently being purged, it is now only a matter of time before independent content creators not in line with YouTube’s political worldview find themselves purged.

It is more important than ever that you follow me on alternative platforms in order to maintain access to my content. Below are the links to BitChute and LBRY, which will become my primary video outlets if and when my YouTube channel is purged. I will also work to get all of my content on BitTube and Dailymotion as well.





Hey Church, Single Women Should Feel More Shame (Tiffany Dawn Debunked)

Christian Women’s vlogger Tiffany Dawn is back to tell the church that it’s time to stop shaming single people (by which she of course means single women). While I don’t disagree with everything she says in her video, Dawn is ignoring one crucial point. It’s not that churches are deliberately seeking out single women and chastising them for being single. It’s that single women are profusely crying and whining about being single, but then they proceed to blame those who point out that their bad behavior is the reason for their singleness.

This is a response to Tiffany Dawn’s, “Hey Church, Let’s Stop Shaming Single People.” Publishes on her channel on December 29th, 2020.

Hashtags: #TiffanyDawn #SingleWomen #Relationships #Dating #Church #Christianity #PersonalResponsibility

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